R Ratilal & Brothers Pvt Ltd

HR Policy

At the Core of our Company’s Foundation lies a team of highly qualified & professional personnel, A major R Ratilal & Brothers Pvt Ltd  strength is its staff and the company aims to ensure that everyone who works for it is rewarded fairly and in accordance with the effort and talent they bring. For a diverse range of operations we have versatile professional with required experience & the desired commitment to work.

At R Ratilal & Brothers Pvt Ltd, we relentlessly strive to improve the capabilities of our people so that we continue to deliver outstanding results while adding to the skills of those who work for us. Thus, this need for training and human resource management within the company is constantly emphasized to meet the challenges ahead.

The company certainly employs a very wide range of talent in order to service its clients effectively and efficiently and by the nature of its contracting business often requires new people.

If you would like to join R Ratilal & Brothers Pvt Ltd team, please mail us your resume on hr.ho@rrbpl.com with subject line “MY CV / MY RESUME” our team will revert back after screening your resume.